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Esposito —an Italian stagehand and carpenter from Naplesand Elizabeth "Leesa" Foster —an African-American opera and nightclub singer from Alabama. Esposito made his Broadway debut in at age eight, playing an enslaved child opposite Shirley Jones in the short-lived musical Maggie Flynnset during the New York Draft Riots of He played J. Pierce, a cadet in the movie Taps. In he landed his breakout role as the leader "Dean Big Brother Almighty" of the black fraternity "Gamma Phi Gamma" in director Spike Lee 's film School Dazeexploring color relations at black colleges.

During the s Esposito appeared in the acclaimed indie films Night on EarthFresh and Smokeas well as its sequel Blue in the Face.

That role drew from both his African American and Italian ancestry.

giancarlo esposito trading places

He played this character during the show's seventh and final season, and reprised the role for its made-for-TV movie. Mike's estranged father, shift lieutenant Al Giardellois portrayed as subject to racismsomething Esposito's character practiced in School Daze. Inhe played Cassius Marcellus Clay, Sr. In Esposito was cast as a legal eagle in the David E. Kelley television drama Girls Club. Although the series only lasted one season, and did not garner generally positive reviews, it represented a personal turning point for Esposito, who related to The Washington Post"I started to play bosses.

And I realized, 'Oh, okay, this is an opportunity. And it's kept going like that. In Esposito played an unsympathetic detective named Esposito in the film Hate Crimewhich centers upon homophobia as a theme. In he made his directorial debut with Gospel Hillserving also as producer and star of the film. In the fourth season, he was the show's primary antagonist, and won critical acclaim for this role.

He appeared in the film Rabbit Hole He escorts a captured Danny to the capital Philadelphia of the Monroe Republic. Esposito also appeared in Community as a guest star for the episode entitled " Digital Estate Planning ".

He performed again in the fourth season, in the episode titled "Paranormal Parentage". He had a recurring role in the first season of The Get Down on Netflix. Inhe appeared in the first season finale of The Boys as Stan Edgar, and reprises the role in the second season. In JulyEsposito began teasing his role in "a huge video game". Esposito married Joy McManigal in ; they later divorced. He has four daughters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American actor.The film tells the story of an upper-class commodities broker Aykroyd and a poor street hustler Murphy whose lives cross when they are unwittingly made the subject of an elaborate bet to test how each man will perform when their life circumstances are swapped.

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Harris conceived the outline for Trading Places in the early s after encountering two wealthy brothers who were engaged in an ongoing rivalry with each other. He and his writing partner Weingrod developed the idea as a project to star Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder. When they were unable to participate, Landis cast Aykroyd—with whom he had worked previously—and a young but increasingly popular Murphy in his second feature-film role.

Landis also cast Curtis, against the intent of the studio, Paramount Pictures ; she was famous mainly for her roles in horror films, which were looked down upon at the time. It also received generally positive reviews. Reviewers were consistent in their praise for the central cast, and they appreciated the film's revival of the screwball comedy genre prevalent in the s and s. Criticism focused on the film lacking the same moral message of the genre while promoting the accumulation of wealth.

The film launched or revitalized the careers of its main cast, who each appeared in several other films throughout the s. In particular, Murphy became one of the highest-paid and most sought after comedians in Hollywood. In the years since its release, the film has been reassessed in positive and negative terms.

It has been praised as one of the greatest comedy films and Christmas films ever made, but retrospective assessments have criticized its use of racial jokes and language. Inthe film was referenced in Congressional testimony concerning the reform of the commodities trading market designed to prevent the insider trading demonstrated in Trading Places.

Holding opposing views on the issue of nature versus nurturethey make a wager and agree to conduct an experiment—switching the lives of two people on opposite sides of the social hierarchy and observing the results.

The Dukes decide to use the two men for their experiment. He befriends Ophelia, a prostitute who helps him in exchange for a financial reward once he is exonerated. The Dukes post bail for Valentine, install him in Winthorpe's former job, and grant him use of Winthorpe's home.

Valentine becomes well versed in the business, using his street smarts to achieve success, and begins to act in a well-mannered way. During the firm's Christmas party, Winthorpe plants drugs in Valentine's desk, attempting to frame him, and brandishes a gun to escape. They plot to return Valentine to the streets, but have no intention of taking back Winthorpe.

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Valentine overhears the conversation and seeks out Winthorpe, who has attempted suicide by overdosing on pills. Valentine, Ophelia, and Winthorpe's butler, Coleman, nurse him back to health and inform him of the experiment.

Winthorpe and Valentine recall large payments made to Beeks by the Dukes. They realize the Dukes will obtain the report early to corner the market on frozen concentrated orange juice. On New Year's Eve, the four board Beeks' train, intending to switch the original report with a forgery that predicts low orange crop yields.

Beeks uncovers their scheme, and attempts to kill them, but is knocked unconscious by a gorilla being transported on the train.

Giancarlo Esposito

The four disguise Beeks with a gorilla costume and cage him with the real gorilla. The group deliver the forged report to the Dukes in Beeks' place. After sharing a kiss with Ophelia, Winthorpe travels to New York City with Valentine, carrying with them Coleman's and Ophelia's life savings to carry out their plan. On the commodities trading floorthe Dukes commit their holdings to buying frozen concentrated orange juice futures contractslegally committing themselves to buying the commodity at a later date.

Other traders follow their lead, driving the price up; Valentine and Winthorpe short-sell juice futures contracts at the inflated price. Following the broadcast of the actual crop report and its prediction of a normal harvest, the price of juice futures plummets. Valentine and Winthorpe buy at the lower price from everyone except the Dukes, fulfilling the contracts they had short-sold earlier and turning an immense profit.

Randolph collapses holding his chest and Mortimer shouts at the others, demanding the floor be reopened in a futile plea to recoup their losses. The now-wealthy Valentine, Winthorpe, Ophelia, and Coleman vacation on a tropical beach, while Beeks and the gorilla are loaded onto a ship bound for Africa. In the early s, writer Timothy Harris often played tennis against two wealthy, but frugal brothers who regularly engaged in a competitive rivalry and betting.

Following one session, Harris returned home exasperated with the pair's conflict and concluded that they were "awful" people.Toggle navigation User area. Toggle search bar. Home Movie quotes T Trading Places.

Interpreted by. Plot — Randolph and Mortimer Duke are two financiers of Philadelphia. When the two meet Valentine, a poor man, they decide to make an experiment: the homeless will live at Winthorpe's and will do his job, while Louis will end on the road, abandoned to himself.

Fisher Jr. Constance Barry, P. Brydon, Margaret H. Flynn, Kelly Curtis, Tracy K. Sort by Date Rates Comments Random. What do you think, Valentine? You putting a man in the hospital?

Trading Places – 1983 – English

How come I don't see no bruises on you? And a karate man bruises are on the inside! They don't show their weakness. That was a fake?

You see, Mortimer? Right on time. I'll bet you thought I'd forgotten your Christmas bonus. There you are. Maybe I'll go to the movies You sleep on the couch. I don't do drugs. And I don't have a pimp. There's nothing wrong with him, I can prove it. Always go for the throat. Buy low, sell high. That's the other guy's problem. Nothing you have ever experienced will prepare you for the absolute carnage you are about to witness.

More Movies by the Actors.John Landis' classic holiday comedy Trading Places makes a new swap on Blu-ray as the 12th entry of the Paramount Presents label. This hilarious yarn of two men of opposite means swapped at the whim of a par of crooked brothers still lands the comedy belly laughs nearly 40 years after its release.

Now with a gorgeous new transfer sourced from a 4K restoration and a more active and engaging audio mix - it looks and sounds better than ever.

You may not have thought you needed another release of this film on Blu-ray, but this disc easily puts all past home video editions to shame.

Highly Recommended. Billy Ray Valentine Eddie Murphy gets by living on the streets of Philadelphia as a hustler pretending to be a wounded vet. The two men's lives are about to crash into each other when Randolph Duke Ralph Bellamy and his brother Mortimer Don Ameche make a wager about the intricacies of breeding versus environment. Trading Places isn't really a new plot if you break down what it's getting at.

giancarlo esposito trading places

And then again in with Pies and Guys. A riff on Pygmalion - this film pits an upper-crust do-gooder against a street-wise hustler at the whim of two crooked brothers with more money than they can ever use in life fully believing they're better than anyone. It's also a Holiday Classic. In my house, you can't go through Christmas without at least one viewing of Trading Places - and even then it's also a New Years movie so you get another excuse to give it a spin.

I first saw this movie on HBO when I was in my teens and old enough that my mom couldn't really object to the content of the movies I was watching anymore. Plus, as much as she'd hate to admit it at the time - she laughed at this one too. This movie is a pitch-perfect situational comedy. The antics just keep piling on top of each other until a fitting crescendo. Even when the movie is at its most ridiculous it never overplays its hand.

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Each gag just gets funnier and in true classic comedy form, it's always funny. Even the best lines still crack me up again and again. This movie has been around so long now with a devoted legion of fans, there's really no point in my talking any more about it. If you love the movie, it's the best time of the year to watch it.Giancarlo Esposito might be best known for Breaking Bad but he's amassed nearly other acting credits.

Giancarlo Esposito has been acting since the late s, and early credits include small roles in the likes of TapsTrading Places and Francis Ford Coppola's period drama The Cotton Club. He played camp counselor Mickey in a few episodes of Sesame Streetin addition to playing various roles in classic cop series Miami Vice. Much of Giancarlo Esposito's career would be spent jumping back and forth between movie and television work.

After assorted roles in the late s like Stephen King's first - and only - directorial effort Maximum Overdrive and an episode of The Equalizerthe actor began a fruitful creative collaboration with director Spike Lee. Esposito's fantastic turn as Walt's steely nemesis made him the show's most memorable villain, and the actor would later return for prequel Better Call Saul.

The acclaim that greeted his work in Breaking Bad led to a sharp upswing in high-profile roles for Giancarlo Esposito. A part-time hobby soon blossomed into a career when he discovered he really loved writing about movies, TV and video games — he even arguably had a little bit of talent for it. He has written words for Den of Geek, Collider, The Irish Times and Screen Rant over the years, and can discuss anything from the MCU - where Hawkeye is clearly the best character - to the most obscure cult b-movie gem, and his hot takes often require heat resistant gloves to handle.

By Padraig Cotter May 11, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

Related Topics SR Originals breaking bad the maze runner sesame street better call saul the mandalorian do the right thing the usual suspects.He elevates every scene that he's in. He embodies each character with an intensity and delicateness that reels you in as a viewer. He's the son of an Italian stagehand and an African American opera singer.

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, he later moved to Manhattan where he began a career in acting at a very early age.

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He appeared on Broadway at the age of 8 years old in a production of Maggie Flynn. He joined Lee again in 's Do the Right Thing.

In that classic film he played the iconic role of Buggin' Out. The guy who gets his fresh-white Air Jordans stepped on by a Brooklyn gentrifier. He and Lee have maintained a friendship over the years and have worked together on four total films including 's Mo' Better Blues and 's Malcolm X. His television career has been pretty impressive as well.

In the series he played Gustavo "Gus" Fring. Gus is a Chilean-American drug kingpin who tangles with White throughout the series. Like White, Gus leads a double life. By day he is a friendly and mild-mannered owner of a fast food chain restaurant called Los Pollos Hermanos in New Mexico.

By night, he is a ruthless and calculating drug kingpin who will chill you to the bone. He reprised his role in 's spin-off prequel Better Call Saul. In the series, Gus embraces his dark tendencies and fully realizes his potential as a drug lord. He's terrifying but you can't look away. We're so happy to share this very special interview with Giacarlo Espositio who talks to Bullseye about the complexity of his characters, his time on The Electric Company and his work on Do the Right Thing. Plus, we'll talk to him about a very difficult time in his life and working through the PTSD of racial profiling.

That's on the next Bullseye! The final season of Better Call Saul premieres next year. You can binge the entire series on Netflix. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

Don't Tell Me! NPR Shop. Esposito talks us about the complexity of his characters, his time on The Electric Company and his work on Do the Right Thing.In Trading Placesmillionaires Randolph and Mortimer Duke can't agree on the whole nature versus nurture theory.

When the two find out about the bet, they seek revenge. He presented the idea of brothers arguing the nature versus nurture debate to his writing partner, Herschel Weingrod, and the two went to work.

Richard Pryor was originally attached, but as director John Landis put it, he then "unfortunately set himself on fire. Ralph Bellamy, who played Randolph Duke, remembered a moment on set between himself, Don Ameche who played his brother, Mortimer Dukeand Murphy in the makeup trailer on the first morning of shooting.

Ray Milland Dial M for Murder was originally cast as Mortimer, but he didn't pass the insurance physical. When Landis asked for Don Ameche, he was informed that he had not made a movie in 13 years and he couldn't be found.

Ameche was found, and held off on agreeing to return to movies until he was paid what Milland had been promised. Bellamy and Ameche "cheerfully admitted" they were unfamiliar with Murphy and Aykroyd's work.

The two also said that Murphy and Aykroyd acknowledged that they were unfamiliar with Bellamy and Ameche. When it came to casting, Landis said"What really got me in trouble was Jamie Lee Curtis, because up to that point she had only done horror pictures. But Jamie did a terrific job. She somehow made her part, the hooker with a heart of gold, almost believable! Gordon Liddy allegedly considered playing Clarence until reading the final scene involving his character getting sexually assaulted by a gorilla.

In the movie, Beeks reads Liddy's autobiography Will on the train. Fifteen days of exterior shooting took place in Philadelphia. On the last day of production, March 1,filming concluded on a beach in the U. Virgin Islands.

She was engaged to Marlene Dietrich's grandson, production designer J. Michael Riva, at the time. It was located at Park Avenue. Giancarlo Esposito portrayed "Cellmate 2. But that day, we became friends. In releasing his financial records forAl Franken revealed he still gets royalties for his appearance as the baggage handler.

Initially, in a shoot where real stock traders performed with some extras at the World Trade Center's commodity exchange, Comex, Aykroyd and Murphy were supposed to perform on a weekday during actual trading.

They then rescheduled to film over the weekend.

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Inthe banning of using misappropriated government information for commodity markets trading was still not technically illegal. In Trading Placesthe Duke brothers used insider info from a not-yet-released USDA report that said orange crops are lowering in value to buy frozen concentrate orange juice futures.

The problem for them was that Aykroyd and Murphy wrote the fake report.

giancarlo esposito trading places

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